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Lozana Health is dedicated in making a real difference in the horse's life and performance!

LOZANA stands for HEALTH and WELL-BEING; and it is with this vision that we fully intend on putting our products and supplements on the equine nutrition market.

We want to market products which make a significant and real impact on horse’s health, well-being and performance; and that the industry, owners and veterinarians want to endorse.

Our goal

Lozana Health Inc. has for mission and goal to strengthen the health, performance and well-being of the horse through innovative and unique oral supplement formulations, and by the supply of very high-quality essential nutrients which promotes the organic balance and homeostasis of all systems.

Distributor of Ocean Feed

Lozana Health Inc. is the distributor of OceanFeed™ in Québec.

These sustainably produced, certified organic, patented feed ingredients are formulated by Ocean Harvest Technology to improve livestock nutrition and performance without the use of antibiotics and other synthetics.