LOZA-DERMA is a sprayable lotion with warming effect for back, legs and hooves.

  • Is ideal for warming up before training and exercise.
  • Aids with muscle readiness for competition, racing and endurance events.
  • Supports muscle, joint and hoof health after strenuous training and competition.
  • Promotes the integrity of skin, hair and hooves.

Spray the lotion on the desired area before and after exercise, or to help maintain general skin and hoof health.

​To control inflammation and stimulate circulation before and after training. It can also be used to prevent paturon dermatitis and prevent minor wound infection.

Mentha piperitae essential oil leaves extract 3%
Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil leaves extract 1%
Thymus vulgaris extract 0,5%
Ceylon cinnamon, Mineral oil, Eugenol, Fractionated coconut oil.