Puce is loving the Loza-Derm spray that our awesome partner Lozana Health inc. makes. This topical application can be applied for warming up before training or exercise to aid with muscle readiness for competing or racing. Plus it supports muscle, joint and hoof health after strenuous work. 
Estelle Bedard Berube – april 2019
My #horses and I are very excited to announce our new partnership with #lozana Health. This Canadian based company makes high quality supplements, to improve recovery, focus and maintain your horses in optimal health. My mare’s stress level improved as well as her focus on Zenitude EQ and I am very proud to endorse Lozana Health’s product line.
Estelle Bedard Berube – April 2019
Good Morning Jacques,

A little over 2 months into using the Omega Balance, and I am thrilled with the results. His movement, overall calmness, attitude has improved significantly. I have also started the Ocean equine along side the beginning of this month so I will update  you on the progress with his GI and gut.  Thank you again for your insight and assistance with everything. It is much appreciated. 

Sophie Logan – August 2018
Allo! un ti message pour vous dire que le vétérinaire m’a téléphoné aujourd’hui pour les résultats du bilan sanguin de ma jument elle n’a jamais été aussi belle en 4 ans.  Elle prends Océan équin et Oméga balance xtrem.
Annie Dessurault – mai 2018
I personally used this on a terrible case here. Mare went over fence opening herself to the point she almost separated her shoulder.  She had to stand tied up for almost an entire month.. only thing that kept her that way was Zenitude.
Christine Allard – March 2018
This product is amazing!! My horse is like his summer temperament self on zenitude!! His training has come so far since we started the supplement!   Love it!  Thanks 


Heidi Budgell – March 2018
Blacksmith was here yesterday doing the 28 year old feet. She could not believe it. she has never used the pincers to cut hooves off as he never grew foot she only used rasp. Yesterday she had to cut his toes off. She has been “trimming” him for 5 plus years.
November 2017
I have had him for a year he’s a 8yr old TB and he’s been hard to keep the weight on and it didn’t take much to stress him out so we put him on ocean equine with a couple of other horses and now he’s got awesome weight on and low stress level and just the right amount of energy. He’s a joy to ride now
Karen McGennity – october 2017
28 yr old cribber. Deviated septum navicular.  Picture of two weeks ago and now.
Christine Allard – october 2017
Great product. I used it on my mare who was having multiple gas colics. She didn’t have any digestion issues after. As a result, she had more energy and a beautiful coat.
Patricia Novas – September 2017