Lozana Health Inc. is the distributor of OceanFeed™ in Québec. These sustainably produced, certified organic, patented feed ingredients are formulated by Ocean Harvest Technology to improve livestock nutrition and performance without the use of antibiotics and other synthetics.

The proprietary formula of OceanFeed™ combines multiple species of brown, green and red algae (seaweed) specially selected for their benefits to animal gut health and nutrient uptake. OceanFeed™ improves feed intake, increasing production, weight gain and fertility in livestock, with patented seaweed mixes for cattle, pigs, poultry, horses and shrimp. OceanFeed™ is proven to boost animals’ immune systems so they can resist infections naturally, improving the animal’s performance, allowing producers to treat their animals more humanely and increasing farm profits.

​OceanFeed™ offers a holistic approach to animal nutrition, recommended for all livestock. Our patented, multiple-seaweed blend delivers more bioactive properties for the health of your animals.

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A Blend of 8 Seaweeds

A Blend of Seaweeds to Help Your Swine

Ocean Swine offers a unique and holistic approach to Swine nutrition. Recommended for all swine breeds and ages.

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Dried Seaweed Meal

Ocean Bovine is an optimized mix, specifically formulated for increasing
health and milk yields in cows. A dried seaweed meal feed ingredient made from a blend of different seaweeds. Ocean Bovine helps health & performance in ruminants.

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Seaweeds for Poultry

Ocean Poultry contains a complex blend of seaweeds that are sustainably harvested from the Atlantic coast of Ireland and some coasts in Asia. Improves immune health and strongly reduces disease.

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Ocean Harvest Technology Limited, its agents, distributors and customers have conducted a variety of formal and informal trials across a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic species. Data and testimonials from these trials and experiences is available.
Ocean Harvest Technology and OceanFeed™ Seaweed Feed Ingredients

Ocean Harvest Technology Limited is the technology and manufacturing company responsible for the OceanFeed™ portfolio of branded seaweed feed ingredients. These sustainably produced feed ingredients are formulated by Ocean Harvest Technology in Vietnam and Ireland and offer many benefits for production and companion animals, helping them to perform better in a natural way and dramatically reducing the need for antibiotics and other synthetic feed ingredients.

The proprietary formulae of the OceanFeed™ branded products combine multiple species of brown, green and red macroalgae (seaweed) specially selected for their benefits including intestinal health balance, nutrient uptake and partial replacement of other feed ingredients.

OceanFeed™ products have been shown to improve feed intake, increasing production, weight gain, and fertility in livestock. Specific blended seaweed products are available for cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, salmon, shrimp, and pets.

OceanFeed™ products have been observed in client testimonials to help maintain a healthy immune system so that animals can resist infections naturally, allowing producers to treat their animals more humanely and increasing farm profits, while potentially reducing the need for some synthetic feed additives.

OCEANFEED™: An Answer to the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)

Widespread environmental and health concerns have spurred demand for natural, organic and sustainable farm products produced without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and other synthetics. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently taken steps to change how medically important antibiotics can be used in the feed and water of livestock, passing the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) to ensure that these drugs can only be administered by a veterinarian when needed for specific animal health purposes.

By improving animal gut health, Ocean Harvest Techology’s OceanFeed™ products eliminate the need for antibiotics and growth hormones and allow farmers to comply with the VFD.


  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Selective antibiotic elimination
  • Selective growth promoter elimination
  • More humane production environment for the animal
  • Increased Fertility rates
  • Increased Production Yields – weight, milk production
  • Shortened life cycle from birth to slaughter
  • Decrease in operating cost

The Kelp Replacement

Ocean Harvest Technology’s OceanFeed™ products are made from proprietary, diversified blends of green, red and brown algae. This makes them a better source of nutrients than products made with single species of Asco Nodosum or Kelp. Moreover, Asco and Kelp have recently been found to contain Arsenic and Iodine levels above the legal limit in the EU. Free of Asco and Kelp, OceanFeed™ products maintain Arsenic and Iodine levels 50% below EU limits, making them the safer, more nutritious alternative.