Organic Selenium and Natural Antioxidants Equine Supplement

A Probiotech International product

  • Maintains good health when dietary source of selenium is insufficient.
  • Formulated to reduce oxydative stress and maintain a healthy immune function.
  • Promotes natural antioxidant protection against free radicals.

How PARADOX improves the antioxidant status of horses?

The unique and complex formulation of PARADOX benefits horses in 4 different ways:

  1. Provides a selenium enriched yeast for a better intestinal absorption.
  2. Provides vitamin C and vitamin E for asynergistic effect with selenium.
  3. Provides Aspergillusniger fermentation extracts for a better ration digestibility and a better nutriments absorption.
  4. Provides mannan-oligosaccharides for a positive intestinal microflora regulation.

Which type of horses can benefit from PARADOX supplementation:

  • Pleasure horses
  • Competition
  • Senior
  • Mares in gestation
  • Mares in lactation
  • Foals and yearlings