LOZA-FIT Is a Complex Blend To Help Reduce Oxidative Stress And Promote Optimal Healthy Immune System Functions Of Growing Horses, Competition Horses & Senior Horses. A Balanced And Optimized Blend Of Muscle Building Amino Acids, Immunomodulating Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants & Gut Supporting Pre- & Probiotics.

If Used As Recommended, Loza-Fit Promotes:

  • Formulated to help reduce oxidative stress and maintain healthy function of the immune system of growing , competition and senior horses
  • Supports optimal metabolic functions
  • Promotes the repair of damaged tissues and cells
  • Helps in the control of inflammation
  • Promotes optimal body and topline muscular growth
  • Helps maintain healthy insulin and glucose levels (Metabolic syndrome and Cushing’s disease)

*Available In 4.5 Kg

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4.5 kg