Ocean Equine


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OCEAN EQUINE Consists A Unique Blend Of 8 Different Seaweed In The Form Of Pellets To Improve Horse’s Health. A Certified Supplement Offering A Unique & Holistic Approach To Equine Nutrition. Recommended For All Horse Breeds, Ages & Workloads.

If Used As Recommended, Ocean Equin :

  • Supports optimal digestive health
  • Promotes a healthy gut microbial flora
  • Promotes digestive functions
  • Supports optimal nutrients absorption and feed conversion rates
  • Promotes athletic performance and vitality
  • Promotes muscle and joint health after streneous training
  • Promotes reproductive functions
  • Helps maintain proper metabolism and well-being
  • Helps maintain healthy immune system functions
  • Supports natural defense
  • Supports and promotes red cell production and hemoglobin levels
  • Promotes a shiny coat, hoof growth and hoof quality
  • Natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Recommended for all horse breeds, ages and workloads
  • Improved fertility

*Available In 3 Kg Or 13.6 Kg

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13.6 kg, 3 kg