• Positive effect on feed intake, feed conversion ratio and average daily gain while reducing abdominal and subcutaneous fat thickness
  • Powerful prebiotic which benefits the poultry’s immune system
  • May increase the weight and shell thickness, yolk colour and lowering of cholesterol of eggs
  • May benefit fertility rates
  • Healthier Gut: increased nutrient absorption, naturally occurring gut flora, maximum feed uptake
  • Improved laying performance
  • Reduced incidence of loss of body weight
  • Improved eyes, legs and feather

Seaweeds for poultry

A free flowing brown/green coloured powder produced by drying and blending a selected mix of seaweeds that have been carefully and sustainably harvested. Ocean Poultry contains a complex blend of seaweeds are sustainably harvested from the Atlantic coast of Ireland and some coasts in Asia. Our FEMAS and GMP+ certified blend of patented seaweed based formulas are specifically selected and engineered based on the bioactive properties they contain.

Offers a unique and holistic approach to poultry nutrition. Recommended for all breeds and ages.

Improves immune health and strongly reduces disease.

Positive Results for Ocean Poultry in Trials at the University of Guelph

Click here to review CLINICAL STUDY REPORT on growth performance and breast meat yield in commercial broilers.