Active equine specialist veterinarian since 1990, his passion for horses led him to conduct extensive research on equine nutrition. Concerned and aware of the major impact of nutrition on the health, well-being & performance of the horse, Dr. Morin founded Lozana Health in 2014.
Dr. Jacques Morin DVM is renowned and has a multitude of experiences & knowledge in multiple organizations in the equine world. Here are some examples:

  • Daily active veterinarian & owner of the Centaur Veterinary Office (since 1990)
  • Head veterinarian appointed during Cavalia Tours in Quebec. Regular preventive & curative follow-ups of the 60 Cavalia’s horses (2000 to 2013)
  • Emergency veterinarian and designated main responder in accidents at the Montreal Hippodrome Racetrack during races (1992 to 2005)
  • Designated veterinarian appointed on site during multiple Western Gymkana & Rodeo competitions (1991 to 2000)
  • Research & Development of every Lozana Health’s natural supplements (since 2014)
  • Breeder & Owner of several Standardbred racehorses including multiple regular winners in Quebec & Ontario (1994 to 2005)
  • Board of Directors of the Quebec Standardbred horse Auction Cooperative (1996 to 2005) & of the Suroît Educative Equine Center (2014)
  • Dr. Morin has completed a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine & Equine Surgery, a Bachelor in Agronomy, a DEC in Health Science and a DEC in Agricultural Operations
  • And many others … For any question or information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Morin at 514-713-5557. The complete portfolio of Dr. Jacques Morin is available on his Linkedin page.

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