I have not forgotten about you and the oil…it’s 2 months on June 2nd and with me working full time my training is up and down. BUT I did notice this past week a BIG difference in Legend the past 3 rides his heart rate is nearly 10 beats LOWER than normal per gait… and yes his recovery is very good – drops to 44, today 30 bpm in less than 2 minutes after a quick walk after a 1 hour training in my track of trot and canter. I jumped off him…loosened my girth and hand walked him to the barn and this was a marked difference.

His coat has always been shiny so I know the oil does this as well but he was shinier earlier in the season …mid April and lost his winter coat quicker than the other horses who aren’t on the oil. I did put him on antihistamines this Spring as I am fedup of his allergies early Spring with the pollen from the poplars, etc….

He is eating alfalfa hay cubes with timothy, the naked oats, and tonix plus your oil….2 times a day plus out at pasture nearly 12 hours per day due to my working shedule…he seems fine to me. My plan is to do an 80 km ride at Flesherton mid July – it’s a pretty tough course but I am not going there to win any ribbons – more for fun/mini vacation with Leggie and see how he does. I plan to see Bob T Tack soon as my bottle is getting near to the bottom so hopefully Liette will have some oil in her store. If not…I know where I can get some more

Hope your sales on the product have increased with the Endurance people starting to know about it.
All the best – Monica