I have 4 horses 2 of mine and 2 boarders on the oil and all have important improvement in there life quality and riding capacity for those ridden. One mare is 31 she had to be on previcox before and she has been off it and sound for 3 months. My lesson horse is 16 and as one hind leg with arthritis and when humid i give him that he walks like a young guy with that. My breeding mare was raced too young and she has really bad inflammation in her hocks when humid but i keep her on the oil and she is no longer kicking the air because of the pain. When she trot you would not even think it bother her. The other mare is mid age she has so hock issue but on her i think that it prevents her other limb to be over use and inflame. I trust that oil to help horse to feel better for light worker and i am sure it help high performer to heal and build muscle and endurance with less inconfort and they most be happy working pony’s. Thank you Dr. Jacques Morin for this oil it offer a natural safe way to help our horses to feel good even if life didn’t give them the best start to stay sound.