ZENITUDE EQ is an aromatic powder meant to be be added to your horse’s meal or to be administered orally by syringe 5 days prior to and on event day.
ZENITUDE EQ is a complex blend of essential oils, citrus bioflavonoids and magnesium which supports calmness in horses and helps maintain focus during events by reducing stress hormone levels.
Because stress can have a major impact on gut health, which can lead to ulcers and colic, ZENITUDE EQ also contains yeast culture to support gut health. ZENITUDE EQ is ideal for horses in training, in competition and is ideal for horses that are stall bound recovering for another ailment. ZENITUDE EQ may reduce mare-ish, stallion-like, and flighty behaviors. Benefits can be seen immediately and peaks within 1 week of use. ZENITUDE EQ contains no prohibited substances and can be used safely prior or during days of competition.


  • Helps support calmness during stressful situations, i.e. competition, transport, training; which may also help support healthy immune system functions and physical performance.

  • Helps keep the nervous system working properly.

  • Supports healthy immune system functions.

  • Helps support gut health and digestive function.


  • Maintenance: 1 to 2 scoops (14 to 28 g) per day
    for a 500 kg horse.

  • Competition: 2 scoops (28 g) per day
    for a 500 kg horse


ZENITUDE EQ may be used as a daily supplement.

Research has shown that long term effects of stress related to stressful
events such as transportation, exercise and competition can induce
significant alterations and increase in physiological measures of stress,
i.e ACTH and cortisol hormones concentrations. Transportation,
Exercise and other stressful situation has been recognized to significantly alter the horse immune response and, therefore, its susceptibility to disease. It now appears that high-intensity exercise, prolonged exhaustive exercise causes suppressive effects on the immune system.


The effects of stress have been widely reported and are considered to influence:

  • Systemic inflammation

  • Susceptibility to disease

  • Metabolism and insulin response

  • Performance

  • Reproduction and fertility

  • Behavior

  • Bodyweight


ZENITUDE EQ helps support calmness during stressful situation which may also help support healthy immune system functions and physical performance.

ZENITUDE EQ helps support equine health and welfare.

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