MYOFORCE RESIST is a powder meant to be top-dress your horse’s meal prior to and during an event.

MYOFORCE RESIST is a unique blend of yucca and fenugreek designed to help promote post-exercise recovery and muscle health during periods of intensive training and competition.

MYOFORCE RESIST helps maintain comfort levels and reduce post-exercise soreness and is ideal for horses in competition or training.

An equine’s blood lactate (lactic acid) rises during strenuous exercise or training.  This has been associated with elevated muscles soreness which prolongs your equine partner’s return to pre-exercise lactate levels.    They are often asked to work many days consecutively (either in training or showing) causing these discomforts which in turn may contribute to a lack in performance and in some cases may have economical impact.

MYOFORCE RESIST, a new supplement for horses, is an optimized blend of natural ingredients that helps promote healthy lactic acid
levels during and after exercise. MYOFORCE RESIST contains no prohibited substances and can be used safely prior to or during competition.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS per scoop (135 g):
Yucca schidigera 1300 mg
Trigonella foenum-graecum 5400 mg


Medicago sativa, Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast extract, Triticum aestivum, silice, cassia cinnamon bark powder, calcium propionate, saccharin sodium, glycerol.

If used as recommended, MYOFORCE RESIST:
• Helps to maintain physical performance and endurance
• Helps support and maintain energy, vitality and courage
• Promotes energy supply to hard working muscles
• May help promote oxygenation of muscular tissue
• Promotes optimal growth and development of the musculo-skeletal system.
• Promotes muscle health after strenuous training and competition.
• Helps support gut health and digestive functions


University research has evaluated that Tying up and limb soreness were ranked in the top 5 most common retirement causes of race
horses in Britain 2001-2002 (Wilsher et al., 2006) and that up to 72% of training days missed in racehorses and 55% in elite show-jumping horses are due to lameness caused by musculoskeletal injuries or soreness (Veryehen and Wood, 2004; Egenvall et al., 2013). Research has also shown that back soreness is among highest ailments in performance horses (Bailey et al., 1997). During exercise there is an increase in blood lactate that is directly linked to muscle soreness.

MYOFORCE RESIST is specially formulated to help support:
• Post exercise recovery and healthy lactic acid levels
• Muscle repair
• Lowered post-exercise muscle soreness and tightness from exercise
• Lowered post-exercise inflammation and promote protein synthesis
• Energy supply to muscular tissues during exercise

• Sport Horse maintenance: 135g (1 scoop) per day for a 500 kg horse.
• Race Horse maintenance:135-270g (1-2 scoops) per day for a 500 kg horse.
• Competition or event prep: 270 – 400g (2-3 scoops) per day for 5 days leading up and during event for a 500 kg horse
• Mix with water to facilitate ingestion (during or after a meal)
• MYOFORCE RESIST may be used as a daily supplement

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