Dr. Jacques Morin, DVM, (President and Founder) has been practicing  as an Equine Veterinarian since 1990. His passion for equine health and welfare led him to do some research on their specific nutritional needs.  In 2014, conscious and concerned about the impact of nutrition and supplementation on the animal’s health and performance, he founded Lozana Health Inc.

LOZANA stands for HEALTH and WELL-BEING; and it is with this vision that we fully intend on putting our products and supplements on the equine nutrition market. We only want to market products which make a significant and real impact in their health, well-being and performance, and that the industry, owners and veterinarians want to endorse.  We are dedicated in making a real difference in the horse's life and performance!  We are very proud of the results and impacts that we have achieved!

Lozana Health Inc. has for mission and goal to strengthen the health, performance and well-being of the horse through innovative and unique oral supplement formulations, and by the supply of very high-quality essential nutrients which promotes the organic balance and homeostasis of all systems.



All our supplements have been tested through clinical studies to evaluate the results on health and performance. All our products are quality controlled so that our clients can supplement their animals with peace of mind knowing that they are safe and effective. All our products are made with natural ingredients and do not need a withdrawal time.  They can be given the day of competition.


We offer exceptional technical support for our distributors and customers.


Dr. Morin has extensive clinical experience as an equine veterinarian and he wishes to share his knowledge by presenting lectures that focus on the importance and impact of diet, supplementation and digestive health to reach optimal health and performance levels.



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