June Distance Derby prize. One gallon of Eq. Omega Balance donated by Dr. Jacques Morin. My 3 horses are on it and all are nice and shiny. Chester is retired and has been lame for quite a few years and we were giving him previcox on a regular basis. Now he is often the instigator and bombing around the paddock. Before he hid in the shelter if the other 2 started running. We still give him previcox on occasion as sometimes he overdoes it, it is so nice to see him running around, his muscles were starting to atrophy.
We see improvements with Kelly as well. I am sure Rafik is benefiting but not as noticeable as he has never been ridden anywhere near his potential, so I have no way to compare.
Dessia Miller commented about her horse’s very noticeable improvements on a previous post.
Deborah McBride is also testing it out with her horse.
Good luck, this is a great prize.

Eq Omega balance has worked it’s magic on Kelly. We are on a riding holiday at Otter Creek, New York State, and Kelly is way more horse than last year, wow! He is now 24 and we are riding in the mountains. I am very impressed.

Kelly is more energetic than last year and he is 24 now. We have noticed amazing improvements with Chester and have cut his Previcox by about 4/5 or 5/6th. That is HUGE! Rafik is only 7 and getting more fit each year and I have not ridden him to anywhere near his potential so don’t really know, but do know I feel I am helping him be the best he can be by giving him this product.